Chris Sloop

About Me

Hi! I'm a Berlin-based software engineer.

I've built things with Node, React, Redux, Elixir, Ruby, Rails, and PHP/MySQL.

I'm interested in developing sustainable web applications, robust RESTful APIs, playing with emerging technologies, functional programming languages (in particular MLs and Lisps), test-driven development, and responsive HTML/CSS interfaces.

I'm on Github and Linkedin.

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Skills and Tools

Ruby Rails JavaScript Backbone jQuery Git CSS3 HTML5 PostgreSQL Heroku

Things I've Made


Single-page web application using Rails as an API for a single-page app.
  • Hand-rolled secure Rails user auth with Omniauth
  • RESTful, namespaced API routes with nested JSON templating
  • Import utility makes use of Discogs API to construct seed data
  • AWS-integrated file upload using Paperclip and Figaro


Ruby ORM built for SQLite
  • Replicates core functionality of ActiveRecord::Base and ActiveRecord::Relation
  • AR::Relation search parameters are stackable and lazily evaluated
  • Implements SQL associations including has_many, belongs_to and has_one: :through


Anonymous forum engine built on Rails 4
  • BSS-style assets include private messaging, quoting, e-mail auth and password resets
  • Integrates with Google reCAPTCHA API for spam control
  • Robust admin options include IP blacklisting, moderation and shadowbanning
  • Full RSpec and Capybara unit / integration test suite

Chess Suite

Ruby chess and checkers suite developed for CLI
  • ChessUtils module and class inheritance structure DRY up code
  • Checkers AI depth-first searches move tree to determine best possible move sequence
  • Custom-built CLI parser enables UI with algebraic chess notation


Browser-based Javascript remake of the classic arcade game
  • Implements core gameplay using jQuery events and DOM manipulation
  • Smooth rendering engine only redraws changing portions of the screen
  • Snake AI implements adapted A* algorithm to find apple